The concert guitars from the renowned workshop Angela Waltner are known for their fine, nuanced and present sound. Musicians worldwide appreciate the easy playability and clear projection in the concert hall. She works with intuition and comprehensive knowledge on the basic physical parameters of the sound body.

The colorful playing of guitarist Andreas Paolo Perger is influenced by classical concert guitar and electric guitar. In his music he combines these experiences. This led him to sound research and electro-acoustic expansion of the concert instrument. He works with intuition, classic playing-in methods and sonic.

The instruments remain in their original condition. Sound refinement affects neither the construction nor the material. The methods are applicable to any instrument.

With our expertise in instrument making and concert practice, we achieve special results. Making music on the guitar is even more fun!

Our collection in Berlin includes older concert instruments from Waltner, Langenbacher and Herb, as well as older serial instruments from Aria, Hoyer and Musima. The guitars are stringed with different Aquila strings (normal tension) and they are sonically far unfolded.